In this episode of the Manifest Your Life Podcast, I sit down with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Trauma healer & Mental-Health expert, Ilene Smith.

You can listen to Ilene’s full bio in the episode or click here to read: ABOUT ILENE

You are going to LOVE this episode! This is the most powerful episode yet on how to truly create lasting change to create the life you desire!

In the episode, we mention her free E-BOOK + Assessment. You can check both of those out here;

What we cover in this episode:

  • What Somatic Experiencing is all about!
  • What is Trauma & the “Trauma Vortex”
  • Ilene’s view on 80% of Mental Health being a result of unresolved trauma
  • How to heal from past trauma through Somatic Experiencing
  • What occurs when trauma energy gets locked in our body
  • How to identify if you or someone in your life has unresolved trauma
  • How unresolved trauma can hinder your goals and progress!
  • Survival physiology & what occurs as a result of trauma
  • Bridging the gap between the mind & the body
  • The “Top-down” approach vs. the “Bottom-up” approach
  • The roadmap to give us clarity, vision & a plan – “top down”
  • The roadmap to heal from the past – “bottom up” by looking into the nervous system and creating safety in the body
  • Looking into the discomfort in the body to move through past experiences in a safe way
  • Biological completion – through heat, shaking & tears
  • CPTSD – Chronic PTSD occurring from childhood
  • How to heal the nervous system to truly HEAL from the past
  • Eating disorders, addiction and how that develops from childhood
  • The power of Somatic Experiencing vs. talk therapy alone
  • Ilene’s tips on how to create a Healing Lifestyle!
  • Identifying when you feel expansiveness vs. contraction
  • Ilene’s book coming out “Stop Asking Why – what to do when talk therapy isn’t working.”
  • -How to create safety from the past in order to manifest the life you desire!