Ilene Smith with Ingrid Wolfaardt founder of the Prince Albert Community Trust speaking with a workshop participant during the lunch break.

Day 2 in Prince Albert conducting a more intimate workshop on trauma healing.


“The inhabitants of Prince Albert, in the great Karoo of South Africa, had the privilege of workshopping with Ilene Smith over a weekend to understand and assess trauma within themselves and their community, and, more importantly, to learn how to resource and build resilience for the future. South Africa as a nation could greatly benefit from the work of Ilene, which creates a safe container for people to come to terms with trauma and how it presents, individually and collectively. Prince Albert has appealed to Ilene to return and continue the work, which will facilitate an entire community moving towards healing and building a safe and trusting space for all. We look forward eagerly towards Ilene’s return.”

– Ingrid Wolfaardt, Chairperson, Pince Albert Community Trust
Prince Albert, South Africa

Read about Ilene’s 2-day presentation and workshop published in the Prince Albert Friend!

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Trauma Sensitivity  Assessment

This survey will help you understand how much your daily life is currently affected by trauma. Below is a list of statements about various symptoms you may experience. Please mark how often you experience each symptom. There are no right or wrong answers, and every person’s experience will be unique. It is neither better nor worse if you have a high or low score, rather what is important is that you are taking care of yourself and learning more about your mental and emotional health. If at any point in taking this survey you begin to feel uncomfortable, please take a break and come back when you are feeling better.