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Whether You're an Entrepreneur Who's Had
Success Or a Founder Beginning the Journey... 

It's lonely.

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There’s fears.

And yet you have to put on the mask of confidence & competence. So you show up with your armor on.

Because you know if you’re vulnerable, it’s bad for your optics.

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You fear being honest would turn
your world upside down.


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you feel imprisoned by yourself, but don’t want to watch it all crumble and:


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you’re trying to survive, and you worry that:

You can only mask it for so long.

The more you resist and avoid, the
worse sh*t becomes.

What would it be like to walk into a room and feel inner peace and confidence? Rather than showing up in your cockiness, which is covering up your fear?

What would it be like for you to actually fully believe you are worthy?

And people value you beyond your financial statement? What if you were more than a metric?

Your lack of honesty is stopping you from achieving what you really want to achieve and feeling how you really want to feel.

Lack of Honesty is Cockiness. And Cockiness is a Coverup Story.  You have to move through it all. You don’t get to move past anything until 
you move through it.

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That’s Where I Change Your Life.

You get to experience leadership without fear and step fully
into your Intuitive Intelligence.

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And make the best decisions

I’m in your corner. The person who:

Without Judgement or Fear.

I'm here to show you a different way.

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Hi, I’m Ilene.

Trusted Confidante, Truth Advisor, & Secret Weapon For Successful Tech Founders & Entrepreneurs. Champion for Your Success

Ilene Smith is an author, a successful entrepreneur, investor and champion for the success of entrepreneurs & founders. With a rich professional tapestry that includes two master’s degrees and extensive training in somatic therapy, Ilene specializes in helping business leaders embody resilience and fortitude.

Her strength in the face of adversity allowed her to overcome significant early life traumas and the sudden loss of her late husband.

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Successful on the Outside.
Supported on the Inside.

Read Stories from Ilene’s Successful and
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I would say that there are very few people, that have mentally like paying it forward without an expectation of anything in return. That’s what I am to other people. I’d never have that reciprocating towards me, like I’m always the one. Like having somebody help in that way, I just wanna pay it forward in the facet.


During our collaboration, I was most grateful for her insightful advice, which boosted my confidence and helped me handle interactions with high achievers in my field. Her guidance didn't just stop at professional aspects; she also helped me foster self-acceptance and appreciate my journey for what it is.


It’s been awesome just to see me be able to work through that and in life questions in the things that come up she’s been through it and understands it. So it really helps speed up that growth trajectory.

Let’s Work Together.

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